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So you probably read a small tidbit in my last Disney planning thread about a board called the DIS boards and how I am no longer a happy member over there. You may be asking why since they call themselves “the Happiest, Friendliest, Disney Message Board on the Web” (can I poke my eye out with your pen please?). Well here is the background. I was not going to get too involved in the board wars but after the latest bunch of bannings and the raciest/insensitive podcast I don’t feel like I can keep my trap shut anymore. Most of the “in the know” posters on the DIS boards know about the UnDIS which is an uncensored board that pokes fun into some pretty silly posts on the DIS. I think in the past people have gone a tad too far and have had some personal attacks against posters on the UnDIS but in the past month since the bannings and my joining the boards I haven’t experienced that.

On April 19, 2008 (during a UFC fight night) the powers that be (TPTB) on the DIS boards thought it would be funny to redirect links from the UnDIS back to a thread on the UnDIS titled “Get a Life” instead of the appropriate threads on the DIS people were linking to. Well TPTB screwed up royally and actually redirected their own members to the UnDIS instead of what they intended to do. After many DIS members started asking about hackers, what happened, etc. TPTB came up with a lame excuse about how the other board hacked in and redirected everyone and started the rash bannings of people who either had an account at each place and were signed on at both at that exact moment, questioned on the DIS what that board was/how they ended up over there, and innocent bystanders who they thought were members over there but were not. Some people were even banned while on VACATION!!!

Ever since April 19, 2008, threads on the DIS have poofed faster than you can say poof and now 150+ people have been banned and the list is growing. It is censorship at it’s finest. If you don’t agree with what they are doing you are banned. If you ask a simple question and unfortunately use a “code” word that is not in their Terms of Service which has yet to be updated since this fiasco, you are banned (words such as crabs, cornbread, pudding – seemingly innocent). If you are a member of a site they do not deem appropriate you risk banning. Oh yes, there are webmasters over there who have offered to look over a list of sites you participate or lurk at and approve or disapprove of them. Sounds like a great place doesn’t it? Twatwafflers.

The latest snafu which has got a new group of people banned has been over the podcast tribute which contains racial slurs, jokes about “special” people, and newly sworn in immigrants to the US. Many were offended and asked the webmasters to either apologize or explain themselves but instead the threads just went “poof” and posters banned for “pot stirring”. I hope this is a good nail in the DIS coffin and their travel agency Dreams Unlimited. Yes they are just a shell for a travel agency which many people do not know but it makes sense now when you think about it because most mentioning of travel agents gets poofed pretty quickly.

So with that said I have found happy homes on numerous other boards such as Disneyworldtrivia, WDWWOW, and the UnDIS. I highly recommend the first two boards for trip planning and general conversation and the third for a good dose of uncensored sarcasm.

In Memory of the DIS Banned 2008:
1 DisneyPhD- 8,515
2 PoohandWendy- 19,120
3 Poohnatic – 10,200
4 KariC- 3,009
5 Janet2K- 6,978
6 Kejoda- 10,296
7 Katerkat- 7,449
8 Becka- 15,943
9 Kribit- 2,730
10 Thats for Shore (3 times)- 2,509
11 Boomhauer- 6,459
12 WatchinCaptKangaroo- 2,197
13 Mirthmaiden- 2,916
14 Helenabear- 49,902
15 Disneyholic ***(Reinstated) ***
16 dcgrumpy- 6,029
17 suzibrat- 232
18 Kylara- 1,575
19 Miss Jasmine- 19,187
20 Bob Slydell- 11,165
21 Tiggersmom2 – 8,623
22 Kribit husband (not his name)
23 LindsyDunn ***(Reinstated) ***
24 Aidensmom- 10,763
25 Chloe’sMom- 2,456
26 ASFCurly- 7,013
27 jgmklmhem- 2,055
28 CheshireVal- 6,682
29 TiggerPiglet- 3,741
30 Queen Quinnella- 528
31 6 time momma -616
32 beagle744- 632
33 Hixski- 2,029
34 TinkerbellMama- 3,046
35 Nienor- 830
36 Mice Pins- 160
37 coqui Helenabear DH- 629
38 Art Vandalay- 1,409
39 Yasmia (Mmecam)- 1,850
40 Kimmie5870- 605
41 Montana Disney Fan aka Buzz- 5,798
42 Texas Munchkin- 313
43 Eclectics (FreddieFillmore)- 9,967
44 Yearbook50- 3,358
45 DisneyDotty- 2,481
46 Southern4sure- 5,718
47 ShayMaraysMom- 2,282
48 Tiziminchac- 2,815
49 Warden John -31
50 1Prince2Princesses (Robin3P) -8648
51 Sassyat30 -1,426
52 Delswife -1,262
53 Brother 32
54 Scuba Steve (Delswife’s hubby) -71
55 Reeeoga- 4,138
56 Jackson66 (muzzbee)- 34
57 kayeandjim00 (AristoKat) – 2,101
58 Kaw1218 13,950
59 aplejax76 -930
60 Darlene9947 (Tink4me) -690
61 Taylorl25 -244
62 Beth76- 14,212
63 Toby’sFriend- 8,372
64 Pam- 14,029
65 The Paint Nazi (invisible posts) -83
66 Missy Mouse (disneynurse) -1,215
67 bjmach-47
68 CinderellaIam- 1,671
69 DakotaLynn- 2,935
70 Crossfamily- 10, 443
71 Nynaeve (Malkierprincess)- 787
72 Junkyard Willy (Jay Santos)- 9
73 2bemarried- 5,113
74 Tag Fairy (Am I There Yet?)- 6,600
75 Mudpuppy- 1,090
76 MitziWitzi- 40
77 Kama89- 10,666
78 BigDaddy101
79 Cass (Bree Hodge) 3,215 >>^..^<<- 6,820
80 jaymie_g -49
81 VA32h- 4,673
82 Mickeyfan2- 16,138
83 New Jersey- 11,500
84 Amapola -485
85 Blondy876 – 3155
86 dreamin in pa – 796
87 PoohBearLovinMama -870
88 Mugg Mann -2,504
89 Disney4Drew-5,660
90 DVCScrapper 17
91 LeftCoaster -1,132
92 ToasterWaffle-92
93 Byrd-1,431
94 hundredacrewood -300
95 TCPluto- 2,272 **reinstated**
96 NorgeKathrine -424
97 solferino – 3,661
98 Ally_DeVille -144
99 kdibattista – 7,941
100 Glass Slipper Girl – 768
101 rascalmom — 2,862
102 luv2crash — 418
103 strollerpatrolmom – 2,403
104 3crazymice – 144
105 dutch_girl_scout – 1033
106 Passions71203 – 1,900
107 lunabkat -604
108 Imsorry -10,343
109 tink38 -2,295
110 Turbokitty – 2,516
111 Devil_Dog99 725
112 Al and Kate’s mom – 2, 269 (10 day ban for asking why she received points.)
113 meandtheguys2 (10 day ban)
114 thop529 – 56
115 Honu -4,999
116 Acklander -1,683
117 RSoxFan – 1,063
118 sydally9367 – 2,936
119 reddixie – 397
120 MUDNURI – 5,021
121 KoalaJanie – 140
122 Nikel – 1459
123 – Disneymom3 – 8521
124 Autumnbaby9 – 1653
125 MareQ – 3912
126 mommylicious – 250
127 grlpwrd – 5,873
128 HollySox -207
129 JennymominRI 12,000
130 madysophiemom – 3,315
131 FSUMARCHIEF -1,199
132 fitswimmer – 11,824 Global ignore, can’t post or be seen.
133 hydster -3,800
134 JRJStarman -55
135 CyranoJones – 1,206
136 Virgo10 – 10,062
137 tinaluis -2,932
138 SuBeat -538
139 Aunt Polly – 7,785
140 Daxx -6,586
141 paigevz 27,535
142 Auntiem03 (10 day ban, we will see.) 2,152
143 sanctus – 364
144 wdw4life (30 day ban) 12,290
145 DisneyfeverTN -1,555
146 PrincessTiff
147 mugmunster
150 Magickndm
151 Sherbiedoo
152 momof3littlelilos

You may add me to the list at 153 m ‘n c when you stumble upon it. ;)

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  • Kimberly says...

    WOW! I’ve not been on the DISboards much (at least not the planning ones). I tend to only go to the photography and creative DISigns, but it looks like lots and lots of stuff is going down. Thanks for sharing the other forums, I think I’ll go check them out tonight.

  • aidensmom says...

    Hi, I had a “google alert” in my email on my screenname “aidensmom” and the link led me here….just wanted to say you have a great blog, see you at WDWWOW.

  • Lisa/grlpwrd says...

    I like your blog. Great info here!

  • Suzanne says...

    Thanks for speaking out about this event. TPTB wish it would go away, but when the google hits keep sending them to blogs, well, at least the true story becomes clearer.

    Suzannes last blog post..Running Around in Circles, Getting Nowhere

  • Steve Mescher says...

    You can add me to the list. I’ve been banned for life.

    The same day I joined “Mousesavers”

    They are much better anyway. They seem to have fewer registered users, but I’m sure they will eventually overtake DIS.

    Thanks for you site.

  • mikki wikki says...

    I got points for asking why the search functionality didnt work. I was ‘argumentative and sarcastic’ for asking a simple question on the tech board.

  • SplshMtn99 says...

    And they aren’t done yet either. Add me to the list as of 12/27/08.

  • The Blonde Diaries says...

    I read about that the other day over on the UnDis. Such a shame but talk about some people holding a grudge. It will never end will it.

  • CJ says...

    I find the DIS good for nothing but trip info..

  • Nikki says...

    I was banned for being argumentative. I guess in some ways I was. Some asked if a 300 lbs person could fit on a certain ride and I replied why not try and lose some weight instead of stuffing yourself into a seat and risking your life. The bored is full of overly sensitive soccer moms who have a little bit of power. The board is relative when it comes to trip reports and restaurant reviews and ADR’s.

  • Krismom says...

    Add me to the banned list! at this point I think of it as a badge of honor! :) I’ve been posting there for 5 years on and off and was “poofed” due to comments in the Disabilities forum about my own child! Anyway- thanks for the links to the other Disney sites- I’m off to log in there! :)

  • Sergiu@How To Exterminate Mice says...

    You can add me too. Got banned a few days ago. It is something stupid. There are better things to do online though.

    Anyway, thanks for setting up such a nice post.


    Sergius last blog post..How to Kill Mice

  • Olga says...

    The disboards used to be nice place to hang out but the more you post the ruder they become. Ask a simple question and get a bunch of snotty crap before you get a real answer! Im a long time poster on the board whos leaving. Im done and this post above made me relize how bad it is.

  • marthafines says...

    Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night.

  • justagirl says...

    I was banned because im on public assistance but i saved my ass off in order to take my disabled kids to disney world and people called me out of my name and made me feel like a friggin loser so i cursed them out and got banned for 10 days. Who effing cares if im on public assistance i can take my kids to disney world just like you can! I may stay in a values and dont have alot of extras but youre not going to be looking down your friggin nose at me I told those snooty witches straight up if you see me in DW and come out of pocket with me i will beat your fucking butt…..and they didnt take too kindly to that:)

  • stephanie m says...

    It boggles my mind that I haven’t been banned yet..since I have no patience for the overly sensitive.

  • Delaware Mike says...

    Contrary to popular belief, I was never banned from that website. I left on my own because I never want to be associated with such a hateful crowd again.

    What was the straw which broke the camel’s back? Webmaster Doc took exception (publicly and privately) to advice I gave someone wanting to purchase their DVC membership via resale. Of course, it didn’t help matters that I also told the potential member not to use one of that website’s sponsors for their resale contract. Don’t you think the people who run that board should be held to the same “standards” they impose on everyone else???

  • Susan says...

    Webmaster Doc banned me (after THREE WEEKS) for posting about my DOG! Think WD’s name is Alex. Then, he e-mailed me on my private e-mail THREATENING TO SUE ME!! I also learned that Webmaster Doc linked me to another website, but denied it. I SAW it! Very nasty guy!! DisBoards – and Webmaster Doc have NO standards, other than their own self-imposed ones!!~

    Think this guy is all about CONTROL!!

  • Suzanne says...

    I took was banned about a month ago. We travel to Disney World about once a year, so I was back on the boards because we are doing Disney Dining for the first time. I had questions because there are five of us (in two rooms).
    All of a sudden I was banned. Not sure if it’s because I had my website in my post name, or if it was because of something I said? I emailed them a few times for an explanation, but got nothing.
    So, add another victim to the list. I can’t even remember what my name was, but (and you can remove this if you have to), I think I had in it somewhere.

  • dee says...

    What happens when you are banned? Are you able to load the page or does it continue coming up problem loading page?

  • The Blonde Diaries says...

    Normally you get a message stating you are banned on the loaded page.

  • dee says...

    Thanks Blonde Diaries. Come to find out they were having MAJOR problems that evening!

  • pdsjax says...

    I haven’t been banned yet, but I know that I could easily be. Those people are weird. I have never seen such hateful people in my life.

    They started a thread about if you had been bullied as a child. So many people responded yes. All of the people I know haven’t been. Makes you wonder. With their personalities, no wonder they got bullied. That are total brats.

  • Tictoc says...

    I’ve been banned twice now. Both times for RESPONDING to a political comment. The OP didn’t get in trouble of course. Their comments are still up! If you agree with the fascist political leanings of those who run the board you can post what you like.

  • Me To says...

    I got the boot also for a few weeks. I posted an answer to a post based on printed Disney information. I was informend, after the posts were deleted, that my advice, despite being sourced from disney, were not correct and violated what they thought was Disneys policy. They then said that despite the published documentation, surely that was not what disney ment. I asked what the point was of being unofficial and unbiased, when in reality the only allowed posts are repeating disneys published info. I was banned for a “major personal attack” i could read, but not post for 2 weeks. When i complained that i was just asking why the posts were deleted, not attacking anyone, they admitted that i was right, changed it to an attack on a moderator…. a complete ban for 3 weeks. I have a reservation with dreams, but i am thinking about moving it.

  • jill says...

    the Dis Boards are a bunch of shit. I post on other boards and never had a problem with points, banning, cat fights, snarkiness, etc. They are a bunch of bitches on there- the MODS are the biggest ones!

  • Disney Creeper says...

    I was banned from the DIS boards back on ’07. I use to enjoy going to their site. One of their dumb-ass mods banned because I was posting spam. What I actually posted was a man dressed up as a can of Spam. That’s right. I asked five of their mods for months to make their correction. They refused, until a nice member requested that their main webmaster to review my case. Realizing their error, they decided to remove my ban, and didn’t bother to notify me, give me any further explanation, or apologize for their stupidity. The whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I decided to leave to board, by giving them a huge FUCK YOU to them. Afterwards, I was banned for life.

  • mp918 says...

    So I was banned. It’s funny because someone posted about working with a travel agent. I defended working with travel agents and sent a PM to the person who started to thread to give them advice. I was sent an infraction because I sent a PM assuming I was soliciting as a travel agent. I was not. I received two warnings and then one day I was banned. I appealed and sent an email to the owners yet no response and it has been two weeks. It’s funny because the person who posted after me said she was a travel agent, but my guess is she worked for dreams because nothing happened to her!

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